No client walks into our offices and leaves the same. With a well trained staff and professional management team, Galaxy has the client at the center of her operations. What do we mean? Your Investment manager takes time to understand your every need concerning investment, based on which a team of very competent investment officers model an investment strategy of mix financial assets to satisfy this need.

At Galaxy, we don’t stop after carefully selecting an investment option that suits your need; we traverse to managing the investment by monitoring its growth and constantly varying the choices of assets that form your portfolio in order that our clients will always take advantage of the changes markets.

At Galaxy, we categorize our clients and explore investment issues likely to be of greatest importance to you. We evaluate each asset in your portfolio in the context of their impact on your aggregate investment. Also, at Galaxy no investment is small or large. We fashion out investment plan to cover your succession and estate needs.

Who We Are

Galaxy capital is the investment subsidiary of the Galaxy Group which comprises Galaxy Microfinance, Galaxy Capital and Galaxy Properties. Our focus is on preserving and growing our clients' wealth, and we achieve this through our tried and tested portfolio strategies.

Our history of successful asset allocation coupled with our clear understanding of global investment trends have helped to differentiate us from our peers. We boast of skillful and qualified Investment managers whose expertise and researches as well as insight have designed what we call the Galaxy investment strategy. A strategy that today, can be referred to as the “secret recipe” behind galaxy investment successes.

Your investment manager is free to select the most appropriate investment opportunities tailored to meet that special need for which you don’t seem to be finding an investor.

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