Understanding The Client & His Investment Objectives

At Galaxy, no client is assumed to have the same investment objective. For every relationship, we take care to understand what each client will see as satisfactory or disastrous. These discussions help us to establish at the outset whether a Galaxy portfolio is right for the client and suitable for both their circumstances and disposition. We give you what is best for you and tailor our products to meet the needs of our clients. By filling the Galaxy investment account opening form, we gather required information on your investment profile, based on which our competent team of investment managers invest your income.

Galaxy will base the composition of your portfolio on the information we assess from you. Information such as your risk appetite, assets and liabilities, lifestyle and plan among others will be solicited from you.

Investment Selection

Once the asset allocation is decided, your investment manager needs to select specific investments with which to populate your portfolio. Recommended lists are produced by the investment selection committees to assist investment managers in this task.

Our whole-of-market approach allows us to select the best investments available in each asset class across all markets without any conflicts of interest. The investment selection process is tailored to the particular characteristics of each asset class. We look at:

  • Fixed interest stocks and bonds.
  • Equities
  • Collective Investment schemes
  • Private equity
  • Property
  • Cash

Portfolio Construction

A portfolio is constructed according to the individual client's risk and return objectives. The investment manager will tilt the portfolio to reflect considerations such as income requirements and tax liabilities, seeking to ensure that returns are generated in the most efficient manner. All trades are directed to our independent dealers who ensure best execution. The investment manager has access to contribution and attribution performance measurement systems together with risk reports to help them in the ongoing management of their clients' portfolios. The investment manager will review the portfolio objectives if their client's situation changes or when otherwise appropriate.

Galaxy's Strategic Asset Allocation

Galaxy has provided financial institutions and high net worth private clients with asset allocation advice. It has a history of success in identifying the impact of key trends on equities, bonds, and currencies world-wide.

The key indicators that we follow are global interest rates, bond yields, corporate earnings growth, stock market performance, inflation, government borrowing and the direction of the main trading currencies. On the basis of our forecasts and research we make specific asset allocation recommendations to our clients in line with their individual portfolio guidelines. Our views are formed through the assimilation of large amounts of information from private and public sources, which are then fed into our strategy.

The service is provided through regular asset allocation meetings with clients to assess market trends and review forecasts, using our proprietary asset allocation review "The World Today". We also give tactical asset allocation updates driven by fundamental changes in our view of markets. Galaxy Capital Limited is authorized and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana.

Portfolio Monitoring & Evaluation

This is the final process of the galaxy investment process. This process ends when the proceeds of your investments are paid to you. We will take note of market changes and new prospects as we manage your portfolio. Once any progress is observed, we organize your portfolio to take advantage of the inherent benefits. We only stop this process when your investments mature and are ready for redemption.

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